Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Map of London Peculiars

Hello everyone,

Well, as some of you may have noticed we've just finished and had published our Map of London Peculiars, which is now available to buy for a snip at £3.50 (inc P&P) via our site

It's taken quite some time to get this map onto paper and I can tell you, we've walked for miles and miles in the research and making of it.
It all started when , whilst wandering around the outside of St Pauls, we came across this beauty, carved into the wall...

A lovely piece of 18th century graffiti, most to likely to have been done by one of Wrens builders!
So we thought, what other magical, curious little secrets are sitting around our city waiting to be spotted ?
So the map of London Peculiars was born.

Through out the whole of the summer we'd set off at the crack of dawn, often before, to walk the streets between Soho and the Tower.

Early (6am) at St Pauls one morning, whilst studying more graffiti on the walls, I was spotted by one of the cleaners waiting to go she watched me with my face up close to the walls she asked what I was up to, so I showed amazed was she that after working there for many years hadn't spotted the wonderful carvings on the church of peoples names and dates from the 1700's.

We'll be filling you in as to how we found some the curious things on the map over the next few weeks,
but in the meantime, enjoy the wonderful late summer sun and nab yourself a copy of the map and have a wander!
A very proud

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