Friday, 25 February 2011

Stow's Survey of London

Hello all,
I thought I'd share with you these lovely books.John Stow's survey of London 1720..They are huge..I obviously can't pick them up or even turn the pages, I leave the humans with that job, but they are beautiful.

Stow's survey weas originally published in 1598 and the information of streets and building in London is incredible and very detailed, together with social conditions at the time Elizabeth 1st was reigning.

There were a few editions before this one of 1720, which had amendments by John Strype.

Here's what they say about Leicester Fields, now Leicester Sq:

'A very handsome open square,railed about and gravelled within.The buildings are very good and well inhabited and frequented by the Gentry
Gosh things have changed haven't they?
We have a few ward maps on our site from another copy of this edition, St Annes (Soho), St Mary Magdelen, Bermonsey,Cornhill Ward and St Clement Danes.

Bye for now everyone

Friday, 11 February 2011

Sneaky look at the studio

Hello all,

Sitting on my perch, (the 16th century one) today I realised I could get a picture of London Peculiar's studio, sneakily...just so you can see what they're up I did..don't tell them though or i might get into trouble!

All the best

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Bomb spotters map 1944

Hello all,

I have to share this one with's very interesting!
London Peculiar came across this amazing 'bomb spotters' map a little while ago.
It shows a circular view of London in 1944
It was presented to the bomb spotter, a Mr Stallybrass, for being the Bank of England bomb, or roof  spotter during the war.

During the war, many buildings across London would use  (often volunteers) a 'bomb spotter' who would go onto the roof at night and watch for bombs, so they could raise the alarm and alert everyone in time for them to get to an air raid shelter!
A hugely important job which would have saved many lives.

The letter which accompanied the map says
'The court of directors wishes to place on record their appreciation of your work in the civil defence services of the Bank during the trying years of the war. As a  memento of the times of danger through which you have passed, ask you to accept  a copy of a drawing by a member of bank staff which was prepared to serve the roof spotters during the time of the flying bomb menace..signed by the govenor,  1945

what a wonderful map..

Isn't that amazing...and what an unusual piece of London history...

g'night all

Sunday, 6 February 2011

It's happened again...

hello all...
Around this time last year I saw a massive dragon type thing running around in Soho..I'm sure it was after me...and today, I saw him again...he's huge let me warn you, and I'm sure he had fire coming out his mouth and everything..
Normally on a Sunday I have a mooch around, it's quite quiet round here and I get to have a bit of a think about things..but not today...hundreds of people came to town, I think to see the dragon, although they didn't seem as scared of him as I am, I mean, was...but being my size and all, he seemed gigantic!
However, everyone seemed to be having a lovely time...I sat up high and watched  and the dragon seemed to go through the crowds quite happily, even dancing it seemed, and no one was eaten!
Also, lots of rabbits...I like rabbits, my size and I understand them. I heard someone say it was their year...thats good, rabbits get bad press sometimes and could do with a break I think...
So, happy year of the rabbit everyone!
All the best


Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Peter Pan

Hello all,
My lovely friends at London peculiar have come up with a terribly romantic idea for Valentines day.
Apparently, (I don't know because,being a pigeon, I haven't seen it) in Peter pan, Wendy wants to give Peter a kiss...but he doesn't know what a kiss is, so he holds out his Wendy's hand is a thimble, so she gives that to him, so a thimble represents a kiss...ahhhhh.

So, London Peculiar have found a few lovely silver thimbles with London hallmarks and are presenting them in a hand made lined box...what a perfect valetines gift and a little quirky too, if you don't go for the usual suspects of flowers and choclates for valentines...

If you think you might like one for your loved one, get in touch quick, at
as there aren't many of them!
By the way, each box is inscribed with the words osculum dare: to 'give a kiss'!