Friday, 25 February 2011

Stow's Survey of London

Hello all,
I thought I'd share with you these lovely books.John Stow's survey of London 1720..They are huge..I obviously can't pick them up or even turn the pages, I leave the humans with that job, but they are beautiful.

Stow's survey weas originally published in 1598 and the information of streets and building in London is incredible and very detailed, together with social conditions at the time Elizabeth 1st was reigning.

There were a few editions before this one of 1720, which had amendments by John Strype.

Here's what they say about Leicester Fields, now Leicester Sq:

'A very handsome open square,railed about and gravelled within.The buildings are very good and well inhabited and frequented by the Gentry
Gosh things have changed haven't they?
We have a few ward maps on our site from another copy of this edition, St Annes (Soho), St Mary Magdelen, Bermonsey,Cornhill Ward and St Clement Danes.

Bye for now everyone

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