Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Hand drawn maps of London

Hello everyone...

Being small, (and well behaved) I can slip into all sorts of places unnoticed.
Today I slipped into the Museum of London for a sneaky preview of their display of HAND DRAWN MAPS of London, and really lovely they are too.

There are 11 maps, all of different styles and all drawn by members of the public.Brixton as a tree, hidden loo's, posh Mayfair and London firsts are all covered in these wonderful drawings.

I have a favourite...'London  Firsts', a map which shows locations for all sorts interesting 'firsts' in London, including where the first printing of the Marx manifesto was, Britains first Tea shop and London's first theatre in Spittalfields in 1574. My other reason for being slightly biased towards it is becasue it was drawn by one of the super people at London Peculiar! and if you look closely at Trafalgar Square you'll see me!

Go to the museum to see them up close...the exhibition runs from tomorrow until September and is well worth the effort!

Have a lovely day everyone
All the best

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