Thursday, 22 December 2011

A very peculiar year

Well, we are now 1 year old and my goodness it's flown by (no pigeon reference intended).
We've come across a lot of little gems in our year...The Ordinary of Newgate 1733, detailing those who were executed at Tyburn on Oct 6th. We also found a first edition Newgate Calender in 5 beautiful volumes with fabulous, if a little macarbe illustrations.We also got our hands on a Blickensderfer Typewriter from 1911, which has been carefully restored to its former (100 year ago) glory and last but not least our beautifully leather bound Johnsons dictionary from 1805, still true to the original and full of wonderful words like  'fancy monger' and 'bellygod'!

We applied for our foreshore license and with that spent many summers dawns nosing around the foreshore finding tokens, lead seals, 17th century clay pipes and musket balls!

Then of course, our Map of London Peculiars....completed and selling like hot cakes.
We have a lot of plans for next year, not least to get more stuff on the site which we've been hoarding...and to get on with our nextmap (top secret)!
Merry christmas everyone and here's to another peculiar year ahead

All the best