Friday, 1 April 2011

The Newgate Calender 1700- 1795

Hello all...
We are very pleased with our new aquisition...a bound Newgate Calender  containing
' New and authentic accounts of all lives, adventures, exploits, trials, executions and last dying speeches and confessions of the most notorious malefactors of both sexes who suffered death for murder,burlglaries,house stealing,bigamy,forgeries,sheep stealing,high treason, sedition,riots and mobbing'

The book details the lives and misdemeanors of many 'criminals' during the 1700's...some crimes include highway robbery, house breaking and forgery which all carried the death sentence.
Many  exections were held at Tyburn.
One case is that of William Parsons, son of a baron, who, whilst at Eton College, stole some books..he confessed to this and remained at Eton  for 9 years...but appeared to be unable to change his wiley, in an attempt to save his soul, was sent to sea on a ship headed for Jamaica..but,an accident  detaining the ship meant he could escape.
He lived a life of counterfieting and lies and paid the price of execution once caught!
This book is fascinating and I will have a good nose through it and report back with other interesting cases.

Good day all

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