Sunday, 8 May 2011

reviving the old...

Hello all,

For us here at London Peculiar, seeing an old document or piece of paper all tattered, worn and un cared for can be a bit sad...especially if it was once quite important, or interesting or simply a bit querky!
We see it a lot...and once we got over being cross about it we decided to do something constructive.
So here is our first little rivival project.

This wonderful little booklet was produced about 7 months before the start of the 2nd World War.
It was classified information and only to be released to people with an official position in his majesty's service.

The book is full of intelligence and security information ,censorship, how to understand aerial maps and reconnaissance photography  and so on.

There is also a small section called 'conduct of British Prisoners of war' which reads:

'under internation law every prisoner of war is bound to give his name, rank and number..the duty of a British soldier is to refuse any information to the enemy except these details.He must not reveal any information about his uniform or badges.A prisoner of war cannot be punished or disadvantaged for giving limited or false information. Beware of pseudo prisoners who will be planted to listen in to prisoners conversations.A prisoner who has commited treachery will we liable to severe disciplinary action on termination of hostilities.'

Pretty scary stuff
This little book is a fascinating piece of wartime history and deserved to be looked after and revived.
The cover design is taken form the map within the book.
This little piece of history will go onto the site very soon.

bye all,

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