Sunday, 6 February 2011

It's happened again...

hello all...
Around this time last year I saw a massive dragon type thing running around in Soho..I'm sure it was after me...and today, I saw him again...he's huge let me warn you, and I'm sure he had fire coming out his mouth and everything..
Normally on a Sunday I have a mooch around, it's quite quiet round here and I get to have a bit of a think about things..but not today...hundreds of people came to town, I think to see the dragon, although they didn't seem as scared of him as I am, I mean, was...but being my size and all, he seemed gigantic!
However, everyone seemed to be having a lovely time...I sat up high and watched  and the dragon seemed to go through the crowds quite happily, even dancing it seemed, and no one was eaten!
Also, lots of rabbits...I like rabbits, my size and I understand them. I heard someone say it was their year...thats good, rabbits get bad press sometimes and could do with a break I think...
So, happy year of the rabbit everyone!
All the best


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