Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Peter Pan

Hello all,
My lovely friends at London peculiar have come up with a terribly romantic idea for Valentines day.
Apparently, (I don't know because,being a pigeon, I haven't seen it) in Peter pan, Wendy wants to give Peter a kiss...but he doesn't know what a kiss is, so he holds out his hand....in Wendy's hand is a thimble, so she gives that to him, so a thimble represents a kiss...ahhhhh.

So, London Peculiar have found a few lovely silver thimbles with London hallmarks and are presenting them in a hand made lined box...what a perfect valetines gift and a little quirky too, if you don't go for the usual suspects of flowers and choclates for valentines...

If you think you might like one for your loved one, get in touch quick, at http://www.londonpeculiar.co.uk/
as there aren't many of them!
By the way, each box is inscribed with the words osculum dare: to 'give a kiss'!

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