Sunday, 2 January 2011

A first for the new year, the first london minted coin

This isn't the prettiest thing in the world, but wow, this is one of the first London minted coins. Minted in London, by the Romans. It just looks like a small lump of bronze, but I think I would too if I was 1710 years old.

About the size of a modern 5 pence piece, for me this is a fantastic piece of London history. It took some time hunting it down I must say. It makes me wonder about who bought what with it all those years ago, and how London looked back then... just a river, a bridge and dwellings around the Thames, later to spread and spread and become the sprawling mass it is today.

I imagine this coin must have seen some action, if only it could talk!

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  1. Who's that supposed to be on there? The caesar at the time that coin was made?

    Also, I hadn't known until now that the Tower had ever housed a mint. Interesting. Cheers, Pepys, for that titbit o' info.