Sunday, 2 January 2011

My first Pepys

Hello London , and the world, if you can see me!

This is my very first blog so forgive my novice like approach! plus my claws keep slipping off the keys!

Let me introduce myself :
My name is Pepys and yes I am a pigeon. I live in Central London and about six months ago met the lovely people at London Peculiar.
They are a nice bunch of people and since I've been visiting them in their workshop in Soho,they've been showing me all sorts of fancy stuff they've collected from's amazing and some of it is really old too.They have a shop, (online I think they call it )..where they sell it to nice folk who appreciate historic London things..

Anyhow, after meeting them ,one thing led to another and after lots of tea, bread and some strange seeds (didn't like them at all) we are super friends now and I try keep my eyes open for stuff for their shop. They've set me up with a little coop, free of charge in exchange for my work on the blog and keeping them updated with London stuff.
I  keep an eye on what's going on in London town and hope to keep you up to speed with any new things that are happening round here.

London is truly a wonderful city. I'm very lucky that I can spend the day flying around looking at the sites and seeing whats going on and perching on buildings watching the world go by and the like...which reminds me, I'm sorry to the lady in the red coat on the South Bank last Tuesday, I really am quite ashamed about what I did and I didn't mean to hit you...Sorry!

So, now I have set us this blog for London Peculiar, I'll be transmitting (is that what its called?) regularly to keep you informed about all that is London and London Peculiar.
I'll sign off now, from my window I can see the London eye and I fancy a little spin before bedtime.

warm wishes,

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