Saturday, 8 January 2011

London Peculiar HQ

Hello again...

I'm in my coop at LPHQ today...the weather here in town is too wet and it does tend to make your wings a bit heavy to fly, so I thought I'd stay indoors.
I did sit in a tree in Soho Square for a bit.I like Soho Square, its been here since the 1600's and was originally called Fryth Square, then Kings Square, probably because it is home to a statue of and King Chalres II.The square used to be mainly residential.It must have been quite posh! but in the 1800's more business moved into the area...including Cross and Blackwell factory.

Anyhow, I hope the weather improves a bit tomorrow, I know we have a micro climate here in town but it's still a bit cold for us pigeons!

Good day all


  1. According to a New Yorker profile from a couple years ago, Paul McCartney's office is in Soho Square as well. Every time I wander through there (several times a year - don't let the Typepad i.d. throw you) I keep my eyes peeled for a Macca sighting. Hasn't happened yet, but truth be told, I'd be more chuffed by an Ian Hislop sighting anyway!

  2. Yes I see Ian occasionally.I have aparticularly nice spot of Dean St, just near his office!